woensdag, augustus 16, 2006

Geld voor slagveldreconstructie

Waterloo underground

Wallonia's regional government has unveiled plans to modernise visitor entertainment at the battlefield of Waterloo, which lies 10km south of Brussels. The site of Napoleon's decisive 1815 defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington and Marshal von Blücher is still largely farmland. Its few tourist attractions, which include a diorama and a waxworks museum (whose models date from 1949), are deemed to be rather stale. The organisers hope to raise the number of annual visitors from 300,000 to 500,000 with a new 1,000-square-metre visitors’ centre, mostly underground, near the site’s main memorial—an artificial hill topped with a statue of a lion.

The €20m project is being led by Franco Dragone, an Italian-Belgian renowned for his work producing and directing two unique Cirque du Soleil shows in Los Angeles. The centre will boast an interactive exhibition with three-dimensional films and simulated tours of the battlefield. It is expected to open in 2009.

(bron: The Economist Brussels City Briefing)

Goed nieuws dus. Met 2008 (de herdenking van 300 jaar slag bij Oudenaarde) in het vooruitzicht, kan het geen kwaad om wat Belgische slagvelden in de aandacht te krijgen. Onze Waalse vrienden geven alvast het goede voorbeeld.

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