zondag, maart 28, 2010

European Forum of Young Legal Historians

I spent the last four days in Frankfurt am Main, at the occasion of the XVIth European Forum of Young Legal Historians. Featuring "Die Inszenierung des Rechts" or, "the law on stage", it assembled almost 100 young researchers from universities across Europe (from Scotland to Turkey, from Estonia to Spain) and even speakers from Canada, the US or Brazil. An excellent opportunity to meet jurists, historians, linguists or philosophers working in the same field, treating themes from Antiquity to the present era and from civil to public international law.

I intervened in the panel "the law on the international stage" and put forward the case of the 1725 Ripperda Treaty as an illustration of the symbolic power of the balance of power metaphor in 18th Century international law. Those interested in my text can find it here, together with the powerpoint. Please note that it does not serve as a definitive, quotable or citable version of my lecture. The contributors will submit more elaborate articles to the conference book, which will be published later on.

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