donderdag, juli 29, 2010

Les Grands Hommes


It may safely be affirmed, that a succession of great men would convert the world into a wilderness; reduce human nature to a savage state; and leave the scattered inhabitants of a desolated globe, no weapons of heroism, but rude clubs and stones; no trophies to snatch from each other, but the skins of wild beasts with which they covered the nakedness; no conquests to make, but the caverns of their rocks, and the acorns of their native oaks !

Moore, George (1814²), Lives of Cardinal Alberoni and The Duke of Ripperda and Marquis of Pombal, three distinguished political Adventurers of the last Century exhibiting a View of the Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal during a considerable Time of that Period (London: J. Rodwell) 139.

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