vrijdag, april 11, 2014

Workshop "Recent Research in the History of Public International Law" (Ghent Legal History Institute, 23 May 2014)

On Friday 23 May 2014, the Ghent Legal History Institute organizes a workshop on recent research in the history of public international law, an active sub-field within the discipline of legal history. The meeting has been set-up at the crossroads between legal history, public international law and diplomatic history. Researchers from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany will present their activities to qualified peers. Starting in the Early Modern Period and running up to the First World War, a representative array of subfields within public international law will be considered: the law of treaties, maritime law, legal theory, the laws of war or neutrality. Prof. Randall Lesaffer, an international authority in the field, will comment and conclude the day. Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. Please contact Mrs. Karin Pensaert (Karin.Pensaert@UGent.be)

More details can be found on the faculty website (link to the program).

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