vrijdag, januari 16, 2015

EDITORIAL: "The League of Hanover (3 September 1725): Safeguarding the European Balance" (Oxford Historical Treaties)

(Herrenhausen Palace in Hanover (now Germany), where the League of Hanover was signed on 3 September 1725; image source: art prints on demand)
Oxford Historical Treaties, an online database (Oxford UP) containing a digitized and searchable version of Clive Parry's famous Consolidated Treaty Series, has been launched for a couple of months now. Prof. Randall Lesaffer (Tilburg/KUL), editor of the project, asked me to comment one of the documents contained in the 231 physical volumes. I opted for the League of Hanover, a perfect illlustration of the predominance of European multilateral relations of bilateral or confessional quarrels. 

Further information can be found in my articles 'So Great A Revolution: Charles Townshend and the Partition of the Austrian Netherlands, September 1725' (Dutch Crossing, March 2012, see earlier on this blog), 'Delenda Est Haec Carthago ! The Ostend Company as a Case of European Great Power Politics (1722-1727)' (see SSRN), 'Law on the Diplomatic Stage: the 1725 Ripperda Treaty' (Yearbook of Young Legal History, see earlier on this blog), 'German or European? Jülich and Berg between Imperial and Public International Law' (Beiträge zur Rechtsgeschichte Österreichs, cf. earlier on this blog) or in the published version of my dissertation (Brill/Martinus Nijhoff, 2015, forthcoming).

Read the editorial here.

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