zaterdag, februari 27, 2016

CONFERENCE PAPER: "L'histoire, parole vivante du droit ? François Laurent en Ernest Nys als historiografen van het volkenrecht". In: B. DEBAENST (ed.). De Belle Époque van het Belgisch Recht [Justitie & Samenleving, ed. X. ROUSSEAUX & D. HEIRBAUT]. Brugge: Die Keure, 2016, pp. 91-115. ISBN 9789048625499.

Die Keure Juridische Uitgaven just published another volume in the series "Justitie & Samenleving" (eds. D. Heirbaut & X. Rousseaux), namely the volume De 'Belle Epoque' van het Belgisch Recht (1870-1914), containing the acta of a symposium held in Ghent in August 2014, organised by Bruno Debaenst.

The volume (in Dutch) contains one of my papers. Abstract:
UGent law professor François Laurent (1810-1887) and his pupil Ernest Nys (1851-1920) are known as pioneers in the history of public international law, but mainstream literature (Koskenniemi, Peters&Fassbender, Gaurier, Neff) mostly only mentions them briefly, generally associated with one or two characteristics. The present contribution highlights the qualities of Laurent's Histoire de l'Humanité (1855-1869; originally Histoire du droit des gens et des relations internationales) and the erudition of Ernest Nys, professor at the ULB, whose primary source-work is still of considerable value for researchers in the 21st century. Although both men were liberal academics, Laurent's militant political engagement is of an entirely different kind than Nys'. The present contribution proceeds in three steps: their vision on progress, freedom and equality in international law (I), interpretations of the early modern period, from Grotius to Kant (II) and, finally, some examples of Ernest Nys' historical case method an work in comparative legal history (III).
More information on the publisher's website.

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