maandag, juli 04, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Revue Historique nr. 678/2 (Apr 2016), pp. 432-434

 (image source: CAIRN)

Eric Schnakenbourg (Nantes) reviewed my book Balance of Power and Norm Hierarchy. Franco-British Diplomacy after the Peace of Utrecht for the April issue of the Revue Historique, pages 432 to 434.

The fulltext can be consulted in open access on

Both of my books (see right side of this blog) were signalled in Bernardo J. Garcia Garcia's article "El tricentenario de los tratados de Utrecht, Rastatt y Baden (1712-1715)" in the Cuadernos de Historia Moderna XLI (2016), No. 1, pp. 199-224. Link here.

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